Micro Nutrients

Micro nutrients is elements that are needed by all plants in extremely small or trace amounts. In order to be useful, these micro nutrients must be available in which the plants are grown

Too little of one or more of these produces deficiencies resulting in plant disease and the most important micro nutrients for the plants is iron ( Fe) , Zinc ( Zn) , manganese ( Mn)
Iron is necessary for photosynthesis and is present as an enzyme co-factor in plants.
Iron deficiency can result in inter veinal chlorosis and necrosis .
Iron is not a structural part of chlorophyll but very much essential for its synthesis. Copper deficiency can be responsible for promoting an iron deficiency
Zinc is required in a large number of enzymes and plays an essential role in DNA transcription. A typical symptom of zinc deficiency is the stunted growth of leaves, commonly known as “little leaf” and is caused by the oxidative degradation of the growth hormone auxin.Manganese is necessary for photosynthesis, including the building of chloroplasts. Manganese deficiency may result in coloration abnormalities,such as discolored spots on the foliage.And one of the best form for micro nutrients in foliar applications is chelating form Chelated compounds are more stable than non-chelated compounds. The Most popular chelate used in agriculture are EDTA , Amino Acids .