®JEAST is a liquid fertilizer containing Calcium ,Boron and Magnesium
Cure the harm effects caused by calcium and boron deficiency
Enhance the efficiency of pollination and fertilization

Effects on pollination and fertilization Stage:
®JEAST increase the rate of pollination and fertilization as a result of raising the efficiency
of pollen germination and of raising the efficiency of pollen tube formation , and working on deliver the genetic material DNA to the ovary to complete the process of pollination due to the contain ®JEAST high percentage of boron
®JEAST increases the strength and hardness of the Flowers cell walls , particularly the Flower steam area (Flower neck) and that’s decreases the phenomenon of flowers falling
due to the contain ®JEAST of high percentage of calcium
Effects On Fruit Set and fruit growth Stage:
®JEAST Works on the hardness of the fruit cell walls which making it resistant to fungal diseases caused by calcium deficiency like Blossom-end Rot
®JEAST significantly Increase the fruit set as a result of the success of the pollination