®ZERO SALT is A Soil Salinity  Corrector
Correct soil salinity
 increasing the soil microbial activity
Enhance soil properties



®ZERO SALT   is a product made out of complexes calcium with Organic matter , Humic acid and carboxylic acids  

®ZERO SALT Enhance cation-exchange capacity (CEC), thus improving its physic-chemical properties, and moving sodium ions (Na) off the clay- complex

®ZERO SALT increasing the uptake of other nutrients needed for the plant as a result of moving sodium ions off the clay – complex.

®ZERO SALT  contain  Carboxylic acids & Humic acids which  works as a chelating agent and chalets  nutrients from the soil and make it easily absorb by the plant roots

®ZERO SALT  contain   Humic acids  which works to increasing the soil microbial activity and make soil keep the water from leaching

®ZERO SALT   correct deficiencies of calcium