®FULLGREEN is a mixture of seaweed and vitamins containing many substances that increase the vitality of the plant such as (potassium, mannitol, plant growth regulators such as Auxin and Cytokinins)


  • ®FULLGREEN Stimulates the growth of vegetative shoots and gives the plant strong vegetative growth
  • ®FULLGREEN Stimulates the growth of flower buds and thus increases the yield.
  • ®FULLGREEN Works on helping the plants to overcome all natural stress conditions such as (drought, thirst, salinity, increase or decrease in temperature, water stress …)
  • ®FULLGREEN Increases metabolism processes due to its effect on the photosynthesis process and the formation of the necessary photosynthesis enzymes.
  • ®FULLGREEN Increases the viability of pollen and the success of the fertilization process due to the presence of mannitol.