®CARGO is an organic biostimulator containing
24 % amino acids Derived from a plant source
Through quick absorbance by leaves and transfer to the plant tissues

®CARGO IS 100% water soluble and provides organic nitrogen in free amino acids form which is more easy to be absorbed by plant.
®CARGO It can improve the efficiency of fertilizers,
®CARGO increase plant shoot /root growth and increase plant stress resistance.
®CARGO Increases crop yield and quality
®CARGO Supports plant resistance to environmental stresses (drought, extreme temperatures, sunburn, transplanting stress etc.)
®CARGO Promotes the growth of roots and regenerates damaged roots Wetting and adhesive which enhances the efficacy of plant protection agents and fertilizers
®CARGO Decreases the incidence of certain plant diseases Natural organic fertilizer
Supports the plant with needed amino acids and peptides
Is a natural organic fertilizer
Provides the plant with needed amino acids and peptides