Flowering Boosters



The flowering stage in the plant is considered one of the most important and dangerous stages in the plants stages of growth and the occurrence of any defect in this stage that leads to a significant decrease in the yield and productivity and therefore a great loss for the farmer and to preserve the flowering stage from external influences, which may affect negatively at this stage, fertilizers are used to help the plant To flower well and also help the plant to increase the number of flowers and preserve them and thus increase the yield and increase the economic return of the farmers, so we manufactured a distinguished group of fertilizers to improve flowering and contract and we used the finest raw materials in the manufacturing process with the use of important and necessary elements at that stage such as phosphorous and Calcium and boron as well as growth regulators that increase the efficacy of the flowering process and nodes such as naphthalene acetic acid and other chemical compounds that help the plant to succeed in the flowering process and nodes