® JEQSOW is a Liquid fertilizer contains 50% of potassium in its purest forms
(citrate, formate and potassium acetate) 

® JEQSOW Increase the size of the fruits
® JEQSOW Improve fruit quality (sugar, size, …)
® JEQSOW Increased sugar levels ®JEQSOW Works mainly on fruits starting from the fruit formation phase (fruit set) till the harvest
®JEQSOW is a unique combination of Citrate, Formate and Potassium Acetate which gives Jeqsow many advantages such as
Being easily absorbed by the plant
Having low acidity (PH 6.5- 6.7)
®JEQSOW works on increasing fruit size significantly
®JEQSOW works on increasing the fruits sugars content ratio
®JEQSOW controls the opening and closing of stomata and thus regulate the water content of plant cells
®JEQSOW enhances fruits color