®SOL is a liquid fertilizer designed to enhance the flowering stage 


1- In the flowering stage:

  • ®SOL works on making the flowering process more successful and on increasing the flowering rates due to the high percentage of Boron that helps in the germination of pollen and in the formation of pollen tubes and thus ensuring the success of the fertilization process.
  • The high percentage of Phosphorus gives the plant enough energy to complete the flowering process, as it is well known that Phosphorous enters in the synthesis of the energy compounds of the plant, adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

 2- In the fruiting stage:

  • ®SOL increases the percentage of sugar in fruits due to the high content of Potassium, which transports the sugar synthesized in the leaf to the fruits, thereby increases the sugar level.
  • In tuber crops, Boron transports sugar synthesized in the leafs to the tubers.