®CORDYcontains Potassium in the form of Potassium Citrate, which leads to:

  • ®CORDY Easy absorption of the compound
  • ®CORDY Easy and fast moving inside the plant tissue
  • ®CORDY The plant’s hydrophobicity becomes very high with the form of potassium citrate
  • ®CORDY Potassium plays an important role in transferring sugars from leaves to fruits
  • ®CORDY By adding CORDY, the size of fruits increases
  • ®CORDY Potassium plays a major role in regulating water inside the plant tissue, which affects the absorption of water, nutrients and proteins
  • ®CORDY Potassium is important in protein and starch formation in the plant
  • ®CORDY Potassium activates the enzyme responsible for this process
  • ®CORDY Potassium is mainly responsible, for the activation of many essential enzymes for the plant growth

acetic acid, which is considered as the strongest plant growth regulator in pushing plants to format flowersNaphthalene acetic acid 

  • Increases the activity of flowers buds and pushes them to grow which increases the number of flowers in the plant
  • Works on installing flowers and preventing their fall, therefore increasing the number of fruits and the crops


®CORDY also contains Boron and Molybdenum which are very important in improving pollination and fertilization of flowers

Boron and Molybdenum work on the formation of the pollen that carry the genetic material to the oval to complete the fertilization process.

®CORDY contains a high percentage of Phosphorous, which is considered as the main component of energy compounds when the plant requires a large amount of energy