®PROGEST contains Potassium in the form of Potassium Citrate, which makes the compound easily absorbed and makes its moving inside the plant tissue easy and fast.


  • ®PROGEST The plant’s hydrophobicity becomes very high with the form of potassium citrate
  • ®PROGEST Potassium plays an important role in transferring sugars from leaves to fruits and by adding PROGEST, the fruits size increases in a significant way.
  • ®PROGEST Potassium plays a major role in regulating the water inside the plant tissue, which affects the absorption of water, nutrients and proteins.
  • ®PROGEST Potassium is important in protein and starch formation in the plant and it also activates the enzyme responsible for this process.
  • ®PROGEST Potassium is the main responsible for the activation of many essential enzymes for the plant growth.