N.P.K Fertilizers

N.P.K fertilizers is one of the basics of any modern fertilization program, as compound fertilizers vary in their proportions


It gives the plant the necessary nutrients it needs at every stage of its development, for every stage of growth the nutrients need
Necessary in different proportions, for example, in the stage of vegetative growth, the plant needs a N.PK WITH balanced elements and in the stage of flowering
The plant needs N.P.K fertilizer that contains a high PERCENTATGE of phosphorous and in the post-HARVEST stage, the plant needs N.P.K fertilizer
Contains a high PERCENTATGE of potassium and most farmers around the world use N.P.K fertilizers as a soluble powder
In the water
Also among the MODER FORMS of N.P.K fertilizers, the SUSPENDED FORM is one of the advantages of suspended fertilizers
The proportions of the necessary nutrients can be increased IN THIS from that of the powder
You can also add some other materials that increase the ability of the plant to grow, such as plant growth regulators
Suspended fertilizers are basically semi-liquid fertilizers, so their solubility in water is 100%.
THE Various storage operations, no matter how bad the storage conditions, do not significantly affect the chemical or physical properties of the SUSPENDE N.P.K fertilizer FORM
All the previous advantages of N.P.K fertilizers are associated with the method of manufacture and the quality of raw materials
That is why we have manufactured a group of powdered fertilizers under the name Hyper and suspended under the name of ScorBE, in which we have observed the use of the MODERN methods in their production.
We selected the best raw materials that give fertilizer high quality when using