®ENHANCER is a source of Amino Acids mixed with carboxylic acids and nitrogen for the plant.


  • ®ENHANCER works on helping the plant to overcome the environmental stress conditions like (heat, thirst, dust storms, frost and salinity) in addition to other stress conditions that affect plant growth.
  • ®ENHANCER contains important amino acids for the plant growth such as Glycine and Glutamine Amine
  • These amino acids are considered to be the basic ingredients for chlorophyll synthesis within the plant as they increase the Chlorophyll’s concentration which leads to an increase in the rate of photosynthesis giving a bright green color to the leaves.
  • ®ENHANCER contains amino acid tryptophan which is the starter item for the formation of natural Auxin 
  • The amino acid Arginine has a great effect on the synthesis of the flowering and fruiting hormones 
  • ®ENHANCER acts as a chelating agent for micro elements