®HUMITA is a soil conditioners designed to improves the chemical, and biological properties of the soil and Increases soil fertility


® HUMITA Increases the ability of the soil to retain moisture
® HUMITA Improves the structural composition of the soil and increases the soil porosity (increases permeability of water and air) especially in heavy land (mud, clay) which leads to avoiding the growth of harmful microbes in the soil and increases the roots growth.

® HUMITA reduces the loss of nutrients during washing in the saline soil
® HUMITA Helps to reduce the osmotic pressure of the elements’ salts in the soil solution, which reduces the harmful impact of salinity on plant roots.
® HUMITA Increases the size and space of the roots
® HUMITA Helps the plant to create a new secondary root that increases the root’s density
® HUMITA Increases the root’s ability to absorb nutrients from the soil