®keymanda FULVIC is a soil conditioners designed to Neutralizing both acid and alkaline soils, regulating the PH value of soils,with the prominent effect in alkaline and acidic soil

®KEYMANDA FULVIC enhance soil properties and have a great effect to increase the root system
®KEYMANDA FULVIC enhances cell division and elongation.Root growth is magnified with obvious
®KEYMANDA FULVIC Offering drought resistance, due to improved moisture storage and because it can build brix levels. High brix plants are less prone to wilting
®KEYMANDA FULVIC Increasing the permeability of plant membranes, improving the uptake of nutrients Increasing the effectiveness of fertilizers and reducing nutrient especially nitrate leaching as well as reducing nitrate leaking into the groundwater
®KEYMANDA FULVIC Detoxifying pollutants in the soil and absorbing poisons (reducing soil-life damage) as well as catalyzing the rapid breakdown of the toxins
®KEYMANDA FULVIC Increasing the effectiveness of herbicide, pesticide and fungicide