® SALEXIN is a salinity corrector


®SALEXIN effects:

  • ®SALEXIN  Calcium flushes out the salty sodium component from The soil complex 
  • ®SALEXIN Calcium replaces the sodium in the soil and loses sodium by washing.
  • ®SALEXIN Calcium also works as a nutrient for the plant and is easily absorbed. 
  • ®SALEXIN Calcium increases the soil’s ability to withstand the stress of salinity and drought.
  • ®SALEXIN It prevents the precipitation of salts inside the irrigation networks.
  • ®SALEXIN Carboxylic acids work on rapidly chelating the elements in the soil and making it easier for the plant to absorb smoothly from the root
  • ®SALEXIN Carboxylic acid effect is very rapid due to its small molecular size. 
  • ®SALEXIN Proline works on overcoming the salt stress
  • ®SALEXIN Glycol ethanolamine works against drought harmful effects.