®VERT is a liquid seaweed extract


®VERT improves the plant performance
®VERT enhances the plant properties
increases the plant metabolic system
®VERT is a seaweed extract in a liquid form containing many natural materials that ®VERT increase the vitality of the plant, such as (Polysaccharides, Polyphenols, Mannitol, growth regulators that resembles to the natural ones like Auxins and Cytokinins)
®VERT stimulates the growth of vegetative buds
®VERT develops strong vegetative growth
®VERT stimulates the growth of flower buds, the plant flowering and thus increases the yield.
®VERT works as a buffer against all natural stress conditions such as (drought, thirst, salinity, increase or decrease of temperature, water stress …)
®VERT increases vital physiological processes due to its effect on the process of photosynthesis and the formation of the necessary enzymes for photosynthesis.
®VERT increases the plant’s production of natural Auxins.
contains Zinc, which is involved in amino acids formation.