®SPOT is a suspended fertilizer that is 100% soluble in water


  • ®SPOT Contains a unique combination of important nutrients for the plant and it mainly works on improving the chemical and physical soil components and on enhancing the biological and vegetative activation of the plant.
  • ®SPOT Contains carboxylic acids that improve the soil properties and its resistance to excess salinity. 
  • ®SPOT Stimulates the root growth in cooperation with Fulvic Acid which works on dismantling the soil and improving the ventilation in areas of ​​active roots; Fulvic Acid also chelates the nutrients held in the soil by converting them into forms that can be easily absorbed by the plant roots.
  • ®Spot works on preventing stress conditions that the plant can be exposed to, because it contains the amino acids which are important for the plant formation.
  • ®Spot is also considered as a balanced formula because it contains (Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium) which are the most necessary macronutrients for the plant growth.